Factonics : = Factory + Analytics


Relevancy by the use

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models built in “labs” fail in an evolving business context – but that’s where the needs and stakes are highest.


Factonics’ Platform built-in feedback loops use cases based on multi layers algorithms that augment human decisions. Hence, more operators use a project and more models are accurate.

Push AI at the core

We trust in the AI Governance. Successful AI projects need to be shared across the organization for reuse. We enable the centralization of use cases to create networking effects among business users.


Reducing the time-to-market of an AI project ensures faster adoption and allows users to focus on process transformation.

Ready for the AI enterprise

We believe that the future of the data platform will be to integrate seamlessly into uses without adding application overhead. The Factonics platform meets this requirement for interoperability, security and UX.